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Ralph Hood
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It's Clear on Top

Perfect for luncheon, banquet, or keynote. Compares flying "On Top" of the weather to living and working "On Top" of life's problems. Explosive humor, strong message, mixed to fit your needs. Has delighted audiences from Alaska to Puerto Rico and from Hawaii to Spain.

You Can't Do It By Yourself

Personal team building that really works. Valuable for everyone who needs the cooperation of other people. Used often for managers or employees, or, perhaps best, both together. Learn the two most important concepts of motivating others to join, and excel on, your teams. Hardworking tools you can put to work tomorrow, delivered with humor that makes the points.

A Goal is Not a Goal Unless You Really Mean to Get There!
(speech or workshop)

If pilots planned flights the way you plan to reach your goals, would you fly with them? Learn: To set and reach goals as pilots prepare and use flight plans; the difference between goals and dreams; to plan for emergencies and changes. Humorous examples make sure you remember the clear-cut steps to goal attainment.

You Gotta Have Standards - But They Gotta be The Right Standards!
(speech or workshop)

Learn to set and live by standards of safety: the right standards. Learn the critical difference between standards and goals. Apply to your workplace the standard-setting methods that have worked so well in aviation. One major company called this workshop "right on target" for their safety managers.

The Least We Can Do!
(speech or workshop)

We have standards for OSHA, EPA, EEOC, ad nauseam. But do we have standards for the customer? It's the least we can do. Learn to set, implement, measure, maintain and improve upon standards for the most important person in your business, the customer. Humor nails down dead-serious methods and techniques that work with real customers.

Other Programs

Ralph builds custom-tailored presentations for any group. Just ask.