Ralph Hood

Ralph Hood
225 South Mohawk Dr.
Erwin, TN 37650
Ralph (423) 220-9022
Gail (423) 220-9020

Columnist Ralph Hood inducted into Alabama
Aviation Hall of Fame

"as published in AOPA Flight Training"

AOPA Flight Training columnist Ralph Hood was inducted into the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame in October in recognition of an outstanding aviation career. Hood is a multiengine commercial pilot with an instrument rating. A motivational speaker and professional humorist, he has addressed aviation groups around the nation. His column, "Professionally Speaking," has appeared many times in AOPA Flight Training's Instructor Report section. The column's focus is on successful flight-instruction techniques as well as marketing methods gleaned from Hood's lengthy experience in aviation sales. He also wrote for AOPA Flight School Business newsletter.

In 1995 Hood was named National CFI Mentor for AOPA's Project Pilot Instructor Program, a follow-up to AOPA's Project Pilot Program to provide guidance, information, and motivation to CFIs. He created the popular videotape, "Attracting and Retaining New Students," which was distributed to flight schools around the country.

Hood resides in Erwin, Tennessee, with his wife, Gail.

Also inducted into the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame were Dr. J. Dudley Pewitt, chairman and director of The Southern Museum of Flight; the late Forrest McKenzie Shelton Jr., who helped to trained the first 1,000 African-American pilots to receive their wings at Tuskegee and later became one of the first pilots for Piedmont Airlines; and Edward L. Stringfellow Jr., a Birmingham-born businessman who holds an airline transport pilot certificate and has achieved 50 years of accident-free flying and flight instructing.

AOPA Flight Training - December 2003
Compiled by Nathan A. Ferguson